2009 Honorary Doctorate of the Institut für Arabische Geschichte und wissenschaftliches Erbe, Irak-Arabische Liga, Union der Arabischen Historiker
2004-2007 Topic Coordinator “Southern Mesopotamia” within the project “ARCANE” (Associated Regional Chronologies fort he Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean), supported by the European Science Foundation
2005-2007 Conceptual Assistant within the cluster 4 “Sanctuaries” of DAI
2003 Involvement in cultural policy affairs concerning the preservation of Iraqs cultural heritage and of the world`s archaeologic heritage
1998 Establishment of  a museum in Baalbek/ Lebanon
1997 Head of excavations in Lebanon and Iraq
1996 Head of Research of the Orient-Department of DAI and provisional Director of the field office in Bagdad
1996 Doctorate at Freie Universität Berlin
1989-1996 Researcher in the Bagdad-Department of  Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Head of excavations in Uruk/Warka, Publisher of several reports concerning excavations in Uruk/Warka
1980-1988 Studies of Near Eastern Archaeology, Ancient Oriental Sciences and Per- and Early History in Berlin and Tübingen