2012 Co-organizer of the “Klangraum” for the Topoi exhibition “Jenseits des Horizonts: Raum und Wissen in den Kulturen der Alten Welt” at the Pergamon Museum Berlin
2009-2012 Senior Research Fellow at the Excellence Cluster Topoi
since 2006 Director of the Winterville Mounds Park and Museum, near Greenville, Mississippi
1999-2006 Lecturer for Music History at Fordham University, New York
2004 Doctorate in ethnomusicology from the City University of New York Graduate Center
1996 MFA in music composition from the State University of New York at Stony Brook
1994 Composer in Residence at the Amerian Dance Festival
1982 BA in music from the University of Southern Mississippi


1996 Mississippi Arts and Letters Music Composition Award
1995 Composition Grant from the University of Mississippi
1995 Composition grant from the Composers Recording Incorporated