Jörg Hartlieb, M.A.

Within the research group (C-1) Deixis and Frames of Reference Jörg Hartlieb contributes the Northwest Semitic perspective by his doctoral research project on the systems of spatial relations of those genetically and dialect-geographically related languages.

Fascinated by the worlds of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament the unifying theme of Hartlieb’s research is a deeper understanding of linguistic form, cultural conditionalities and informational content of those most influential texts written in the respective languages.

Special fields of interest include:

  • NWS and biblical epigraphy and textual criticism
  • Synchronic and diachronic NWS and Koine philology, informed by functionalism, typology and crosslinguistically based methods of textual analysis
  • Cultural history of the Levant up to 200 CE
  • Biblical exegesis (e.g. Jesus in Matthew’s gospel; the structure of the Book of Revelation)


Jörg Hartlieb has also participated in the PhD program “Ancient Languages and Texts” (ALT) at the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS).