Service for Topoi Members

Welcome to the Services section for members and fellows. In this section you can find forms, documents, and templates that may be useful for your presentations. If you look for material that is not listed below (logo, templates for letter paper etc.) or if you need our assistance please do not hesitate to contact Ursula Müller.

For help and further information on templates please contact Birgit Nennstiel.


  • For information on IT in Topoi (mailing accounts, use of Topoi servers, virtual calendar, printing, GIS pool etc.), please have a look at the website:

Templates, Forms, Material for Members and Fellows

Cluster-Ordnung / Charter of the Cluster

Application Forms (German only)

Edition Topoi: Guidelines (PDF)

Information Material (pdf)

Topoi-Logo and Templates

Topoi-Logo, templates for folders, posters and presentations etc.: please contact Birgit Nennstiel