Signs of Place: A visual interpretation of landscape, international conference, 26 – 28 October 2016

Rockart: Foot prints

all rights reserved by D C M Britton

The concepts of place and space are basic elements of landscape studies that need to be continually challenged at different scales of analysis and in varying contexts if we are to fully grasp their meaning. This is especially true for studies into prehistoric and non-literate societies, where being able to decipher the interaction between people and landscape still poses methodological challenges.

In this conference we aim to address these challenges by going beyond the limits of seeing place as small, culturally significant locales within a specific temporal setting. Instead we explore how place has been subject to temporal, social and ideological changes brought upon by the appropriation of visual signs by specific cultures that prevailed in different regions at different times. The rather broad term “visual signs” is consciously chosen to include every means of visual marking or transformation of the environment that includes but is not limited to rock art, architecture, modified and anomalous natural features. To achieve these aims we encourage interested researchers from all disciplines to submit papers that would contribute new methodologies and interpretative approaches to the understanding of places and place-making as it relates to visual signage.

If you wish to offer a paper, please send a 200 word abstract to the conference organisers at or before 30 July 2016.

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes


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