Databases and GIS

Databases in Topoi

The networking of the sciences and humanities within the Excellence Cluster Topoi requires a common work and discussion platform, as well as data-sharing capabilities available online. This challenge is being faced by the administrative area “GIS and Databases”.

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Geographic Information System (GIS)

One example of a Geographic Information System in Topoi is the Interactive Atlas of the Ancient Near East. The atlas is a web-based geographic information-system (WebGIS), which combines geographical, historical and archaeological information on an internet platform.

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Workshops for Hardware and Analysis-Software GIS in Topoi

The constant endeavor to teach researchers new EDP abilities results in numerous IT courses.

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Research Equipment in Topoi

Topoi selectively invests in areas outside the work of the Cluster, thereby yielding sustained added value at highly diverse levels. For the protection of materials through digitalisation, and the long-term securing and archiving of objects of research, Topoi has, for example, invested in two pieces of equipment.

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