Sculptur of Guido Mazzoni | Author Guido Mazzoni | Source: Adalgisa Lugli, "Guido Mazzoni", Turin 1990Middle Bronze Age site of Punta Milazzes on Panarea| © Helen DawsonPortrait Medals of the Renaissance|Source: Stephen K. Scher, "The Currency of Fame., New York 1994, S. 118, Abb. 35.Wikingertracht 10 Jh. | Photo: Richard | CC-BY 2.0GesichtsurneAubinger GürtelschnalleHockergrab | Photo: Wolfgang Sauber | CC BY-SA 3.0Ethnographie der Alten Welt | Source: Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas zur alten, mittleren und neuen Geschichte, 17. Auflage Bielefeld/Leipzig 1991, S. 3

In contrast to the current political situation and the debate on globalization, regionality, migration and integration, there has lately been a boom in identity research. Where formerly one was often inclined to start from essentialist, statistical and natural unities when dealing with identities, today the emphasis is on their relational character. Identities always stand in relation to social space and knowledge and can be understood as orders of meaning. Given how knowledge from ancient studies is consistently used in political and social conflicts to legitimize claims to power, there is an urgent need for a reflective treatment of origin-based identification processes and strategies. Therefore the Key Topic Identities dealt with knowledge-based identity spaces in antiquity and (self)critically with their past and present research and instrumentalization.


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