GIS Labor | Foto: Topoi


Topoi deposes of a GIS laboratory with 13 high-performance computers, one of which (No. 3999) is connected to an LCD projector for presentations.

The computers use different operating systems and are therefore equipped with different commercial and open-source software, as well as highly diverse GIS and CAD programs and software for processing images and 3D scatter diagrams. Our laboratory can be used for seminars and workshops and is available after hours for research work. For more information please contact Undine Lieberwirth or Silvia Polla.


You can use the equipment for free; all you need is a Topoi account. Simply log in to the computer using your username and password. You’ll receive automatic access to pre-installed software, to your centrally stored dataand to all  in-house printers.


The lab is housed in the Topoi Building Dahlem, Hittorfstraße 18, 14195 Berlin, Room 014. Contact details and instructions for how to get to the Computer Laboratory can be found on the directions page.

You will find a detailed list of software on Topoi’s intranet. Please log in by clicking the “Intranet” button (upper right corner) and entering your username and password.



 Further Information