Topoi Feature - Spotlight on Topoi Research

"Topoi Feature" offers brief insights into current research questions, projects, methods and working practices at the Excellence Cluster Topoi.
Mobility, Migration and Innovation
Spatially oriented and spatially effective innovations like wagons and draft animals, early herding and nomadism have influenced the demographic, social historical, and cultural historical development of antiquity.
Kathryn Piquette's research examines some of the world’s first writing (c.3100-c.2500 BCE), including proto-cuneiform from southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and Egyptian hieroglyphic and hieratic from the lower Nile Valley, as well as contemporary artistic evidence from both regions.
Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum
The editing and translation project Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum revives the texts of the Roman gromatics, which were named after the most popular surveying instrument, the `groma`.
Rückblick auf Die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften im Jahr 2011
Mit über 1500 Besuchern war die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften im Topoi-Haus Dahlem auch im Jahr 2011 ein großer Erfolg. Mit Vortragsreihen und Aktionen präsentierten sich das Cluster, befreundete Institute der Freien Universität und das Deutsche Archäologische Institut.
Cosmos and Earth. Ancient and Modern Maps
Maps document how certain societies inhabit, control or explore space. Therefore, they are of a central importance in the external representation of spatial knowledge.
Exhibition: “Antike Welten”
Greek coinage is more than only an antique currency: They display the reproduction of spaces and places. The Berliner Antikensammlung is showing its newly conceived Greek art exhibition on the main floor of the Altes Museum...