Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum

The collection of these texts from the 1st to the 6th century A.D. reveals issues of law, surveying techniques and instruction in geodesy. Among the authors were Iulius Frontinus, Siculus Flaccus, Agennius Urbicus and Hyginus.

In Topoi the text corpus will be translated into German for the first time, and a thorough commentary will be elaborated. Researchers of Roman law, the history of science, mathematics and classical philology are working together on this project of research area “Social Spaces” (B). The termini technici are being collected in a lexical glossary, and an online database will facilitate access to important research results.

The Topoi-conference “Römisches Vermessungswesen – Juristischer, wissenschaftsgeschichtlicher und historischer Kontext” in March 2011 has opened up new interdisciplinary persepectives on the Corpus Agrimensorum Romanum.